4 Books to Help You Start a Reading Habit

4 Books to Help You Start a Reading Habit

For a lot of people, to sit down and bury your head inside a book can not just be fascinating but also a very indulging experience. The serenity that follows, can take you to a head space like no other. Many consider it to be equivalent to, if not more relaxing and therapeutic than meditation. Other than just therapeutic benefits there are a ton of positives associated with reading. Stress relief is one of the many benefits attached with reading. You can also bust stress and anxiety with delta 8 thc gummies.

Now, not many of us have the tolerance or even the patience to read. It can be a tough nut to crack initially, but once you do break through, there is no looking back. Classics are classics because of how they have transcended time and broken every barrier of what could constraint them. They are incredible pieces of literature that should not be forgotten by any means or measure.

We have compiled a list of 5 of the best pieces of literature throughout the course of known history and why you should read them. 

Animal Farm – George Orwell

Animal Farm is an anti – utopian satirical representation of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. By far considered to be Orwell’s best work, it is a lucid political fable centered around the betrayal of Joseph Stalin on the aforementioned movement. 

The book deals with issues of oppression and exploitation of humans on the barn animals. It revolves around how the animals stage a coup d’etat against their human oppressors and set up an egalitarian society of their own. What follows is the inevitable eventuality of the aura surrounding power and greed as the more intelligent and driven pigs take over the revolution. Concluding “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”, clearly showing that the taste of the blood of power can drive even the noblest insane. It is a mirror on the society we live in making it a sure – to read for every stage of readers. 

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen 

A romantic novel released anonymously in three volumes, ths 1813 brilliance from Jane Austen is revered to this day and will be for a long long time. A piece of classic English literature, Austen has riddled the novel with impervious wit, characterisation the likes of hasn’t been seen hence and an overboarding sense of love and affection. Centered on the lives of Elizabeth Bennet, the daughter of a modest country gent and that of Fitzwilliam Darcy, an affluent aristocrat. The journey of how they tackle the so-called titular sins of their period, fight against all odds to make their love blossom is tear jerking and moving. This story stands the test of time and has even been produced as a film of the same title.

Eleven Minutes – Paulo Coelho 

The Alchemist is a more known work by Coelho, but we have decided to go with the story of innocent Maria, who is embroiled by her sense and understanding of love. Left utterly heartbroken during her fledgling years, Maria is all but convinced that love has no meaning in itself and is just a farce. A fateful event leads her to go to Geneva where she encounters a young, suave painter. Her life takes an unexpected turn as she is two minds, to carry on in the path she has taken or to follow her “inner light”. This story dabbles with questions on sex and love and how the two can be in the same playfield yet be poles apart at the same time.

Catcher in the Rye – J.D Salinger 

Salinger writes in clear and pale terms about two days in the life of an old adolescent, Holden Caulfield after he is expelled from his prep school. It talks about the narrative of how a 16 year old sees the world and what goes on in the mind of a young adult. From fleeing to New York, meeting his ex-girlfriend and witnessing how and what goes on about the lives of people, he comes to a sense of absolution as to how the ‘older people’ are nothing but two faced phonies. The story deals with angst, a sense of detachment and the superficial spectrum of society. The tempestuous tale of this 16 year old can be portrayed as a multi faceted view on the society we live in.

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