5 Ways to Control Your Anger

I am angry all the time, is it normal; I shout at my boyfriend without any fault of his and I don’t know what to do; can you suggest some ways for me to control my anger; these are some of the most common queries that reach the doctors of the United States of America. This is mainly because the overall prevalence of inappropriate, intense, or poorly controlled anger in the U.S. population is 7.8%, which is a major chunk of the adult population. Where getting angry is a normal emotion, there comes a time when it becomes a problem, especially when the person is unable to control it and it results in an increased blood pressure, anxiety and headache. Following 5 ways are sure to help you in controlling your anger.

Calm Down Your Body Whenever You Get Angry

The first tip for anyone who gets angry often is to calm down their body whenever they feel their temper rising or feel that they are getting too worked up. Start paying attention to your body and either start exercising or playing around. There are certain apparent symptoms that anyone can easily recognize in their body when they start getting angry like the change in their breathing, rapid increase in their heart rate etc. In this way they can start the calming down process each time they start getting angry. Performing some exercises will help the person in losing the tension in their body, especially in their head, neck, shoulders, chest and stomach.

Change Your Angry Thoughts

When you or anyone gets angry, the most dangerous thing isn’t what happens around, it is the crazy thoughts that start building up inside the head. Hence the best advice for a person who is angry is to change their angry thoughts by thinking about something positive or nice. Your brain is a powerful tool, so use it accordingly to change the course of your thoughts and see how your life changes for the better.

Identify Why Are You Feeling That Way

Ask yourself a few questions to identify why you are angry. You can ask questions like: What is the reason for my anger? Was there any other emotion that I felt before this? (e.g. sadness, fear or hurt)  Could I have done something different if I dealt with this situation again? This will help you in pinpointing the exact reason for your angry reactions and then you can carefully draw up a table of issues that instigate your anger the most and draw out strategies on how to go about handling or discussing these issues in the future.

Draw out Some Strategies to Help You With It

Now that you are aware of how you’re feeling and why, you can now draw out a strategy to help yourself deal with the whole situation. You can engage in cooling off strategies like writing your thoughts down in journals, getting more active when you’re mentally agitated and practicing meditation. There are some other ways also that can help you to calm down any and all of your anxious thoughts that are driving you up the wall which is by taking Delta-8 THC products, known for their mood uplifting properties as well as calm inducing effects.

Practice Cooling off Where You Can Take A Time Out

The main issue with angry people is that they charge into anything all ready with horns and weapons without actually fully analyzing the situation at hand. The sensitivity of the occasion, the emotions of other people involved and other such things completely skips the mind of someone who is angry. Hence, it would be best for them to take a time-out during such heated moments, cool off and then rejoin with a clear and focused head. This will help them tremendously in staying sane during their anger outbursts.


The listed ways to control your anger will only work when you are ready to take action to remedy your situation and rid yourself of your extreme temper tantrums. So practice these ways today and notice how it changes your perspective about life in general.

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