Can Psychedelics Have a Positive Impact on Users?

Can Psychedelics Have a Positive Impact on Users?

To what goes by, people have and are still associating psychedelics with a hippie point of view without much concern. If not, there will be correlations between psychedelics and rituals, with shamans and all. Who or what drove the society to have this perception about psychedelics, has brought a very warped, biased perspective in the game. Yes, psychedelics have more than just the potential to be mind altering, but what is wrong with it?

Having a change in perception and your point of view of things as trivial as anything can lead to a major difference in oneself. If that change comes in the sense of a good positive, there should not be many fingers raised about it. It is time that this negative persona attached with psychedelics be put to a stand still and a fresher view to the same can be put to the forefront. Another good idea to have health benefits is by using medical marijuana. Get to know more about delta 8 thc cartridges to seek out the same. 

Are There People Who Think Psychedelics Can Be a Saving Grace?

There has been extensive research on bringing back the study on psychedelics but none better could’ve been performed by William Richards at John Hopkins. In 1999 along with Roland Griffiths, he  launched the rebirth of psychedelic research in the United States after 22 fallow years. They eventually published their paper in 2006, in which they talked about the innumerable benefits to the use of psychedelics. 

They mentioned how psychedelics can be profoundly helpful in helping people with mental health disorders. Apart from a few exceptions like people with an underlying heart condition or genetic predisposition for severe mental illness, the substances are very safe, non toxic and non addictive. 

Other than that there are other upsides that are inculcated after using a psychedelic substance – 

Emotional Awareness 

Many of the people who have had at least one psychedelic session, have rated that as one of their most heightened self experiences. The thought behind one having better emotional awareness is that an experience like this invokes one to be in strong connections with their emotions. Once that happens, people tend to see how important it is to be in cohesion with your emotions to be emotionally liberated. Mental clarity can also be achieved with medical marijuana on a much smaller scale as compared to mainstream psychedelics. 

No More Fears

Most of all inhibitions and categorical fears that we develop have deep rooted insights that we tend to stay away from. After a psychedelic session / trip, one gets to encounter all of these fears and thoughts of anguish with a clear perspective. It comes to the crossroads of ‘being resolved’ and ‘getting it resolved’. People with terminal diseases who are facing severe mental trauma and fatigue due to the unknown outcome of their illnesses. These rational fears can make it awfully depressing for someone already going through such intense ailment. 

Psychedelics have shown to bring down the dread and gloom of such magnitudes and are proposed to be a humbling endeavor.  

Empathising Attitude 

Consuming a psychedelic makes you involve yourself with nature and its outlines more than it usually does. A wave of humility takes charge and brings you down, only to make you free of any and every sense of selfish primitivity. You get a vast view of the biggest picture there could be as you get opened to the world you had been peeping through from a keyhole. This overly subduing and humbling process makes you better at understanding the reasons behind why someone does or says something. Every action and word has a sentiment attached to it, that sentiment might be any it is the fact to be responsive and humane enough to acknowledge its presence. 

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