Games That Defined The Millennial Childhood

Games That Defined The Millennial Childhood

The 90s were a happening time. The ushering if the digital era brought a lot into focus but nothing was as popular as the omnipresent introduction of video games. Today the landscape has Minecraft with its Minecraft Parkour Servers, the 90s were a different ballgame. 

 Most millennials are in their 20 s now and this seems like the best time to compile a list of games that were a staple in almost everyone’s home or more particularly the basements.

As a new decade begins let’s look at what the classic 90s had in store for us. The good part is that some of these games can still be played as remastered versions of them are available. 

 Unreal Tournament

This is the benchmark for first-person shooters. Unreal Tournament is the Fortnite of the 90s. The primary focus was on head-to-head multiplayer death-matches which were a lot of fun if that was your thing. 

It had a certain critical acclaim associated with the reviewers loving every single part of the game. From the level design to the graphics there was no part of the gameplay that did not receive praise. This was the benchmark what most of the initial FPS games were against. 

Silent Hill

The genre of survival horror was before silent hill came into the picture quite tacky. But not this one. Through the use of a third-person view, a man searches for his daughter while interacting with other characters. This story was special as it had different endings, one of which is a joke. 

There was a departure from the B movie feel and instead focus on the psychological horror style. It actually had the distinction of being one of the few genuinely scary games.  By putting more focus on the atmosphere a change was seen.  

Crazy Taxi

Who did not like this one? I know I loved it. An open-world racing format where you could hit pedestrians.? What was not to like? 

Crazy taxi had goals and targets to meet. You pick up passengers and by any means necessary get them to the final destination. This was a unique way to design a game that was incredibly easy to learn but really hard to master. This format came into focus after the release of Crazy Taxi.  

A copy that came a  little too close for comfort and ended with a lawsuit against the makers of The Simpsons: Road Rage. That game was probably the closest copy and brought about a sense of deja vu even to the most hardcore of fans. 

Mario Party

No list from that era is complete without the mention of Mario in one form or another. It is even at this point in time the longest rinning mini-game series  It started out back in 1998 with this particular game. This series evolved its gameplay to reflect changes in technology while at the same time retained its core game through the mini-game concept. 

When the first game came into the picture, players would use their palms to rotate the N64 analog stick for the mini-games, which would lead to blisters. As an apology, Nintendo gave out free gaming gloves. 


This was the recipient of over 50 different “Game of the Year” awards. This was the first release by Valve and what a release it was. The first-person shooter game gave unprecedented complete and uninterrupted control over the protagonist. The story was told through sequences that you could feel and live through his eyes making it an extremely immersive experience. 

The game was different as it had both combat tasks as well as puzzle-solving to advance through the levels. This combination was an influence seen in a lot of future games. 

Goldeneye 007 

Wrapping up we have a game that was everywhere. A highly acclaimed and the third best selling game for the Nintendo 64 console, Goldeneye 007 was a phenomenon when it hit the market. This game also made the path for all future games much easier to pave. 

This game also showed a change in the visual style. Over the top elements were swapped for a more realistic look. Some of the most revered aspects of this game were the stealth element, atmospheric single-player missions, and the multiplayer mode as well. 

Games have changed but the classics are a great way to see how far technology has evolved. 

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