How to Keep Your House Clean While Working Full Time?

How to Keep Your House Clean While Working Full Time?

We all have, at some point in life, fantasized living all by ourselves in a beautiful apartment. Earning from a full time job, purchasing my own groceries, cooking my favorite meals every day and having a healthy lifestyle is something even I was drawn towards. But what I forgot to consider in this fantasy scenario was the mess my place was going to become when I was always in a hurry in the morning and barely had the energy to do anything after work.

I guess we all have been there. But I am glad I realized this and decided to get a hold over it. I experimented with schedules and plans and have finally found the perfect routine and a few tricks that work amazingly for me and I believe they would help anyone who is living all by themselves and has a full time job. 

Do Not Pile It All Up

This is a big one. You should never schedule everything for the weekends. Whatever it is, do not let it pile up. Be it laundry, dishes, cleaning, dusting, or even your wardrobe mess on the bed (we all throw our clothes on the bed when we are running late in the morning). It is always better to clean the smaller mess than letting it pile up. So, whenever you find a little time or when you are going from one room to another, consider decluttering a few things that are easy and less time consuming.

Even better, avoid creating a mess. Simply do the chores as soon as possible. Like, instead of piling your clothes on the bed, fold them and put them back in the wardrobe or simply don’t pull them out unnecessarily. When you use the kitchen sink or counter, wipe it with a microfibre cloth or a paper towel as soon as you are done with your work. Whenever you see a stain on the coffee table, clean it. After taking a shower, try to wipe the floor out right when you step out of it.

Wake Up Earlier

In order to actually have time to clean the mess as soon as it is made, it is important to have that much time in hand. So I highly recommend waking up a little earlier than you normally would. This will give you the time to decide and do everything calmly which will also lead to a lesser mess. Waking up earlier gives you a lot of time to spend as per your likings. So, you don’t really have to invest everything minute in just cleaning or doing household chores, you can actually use this time to work on yourself. 

Don’t Leave Everything for the Morning

A lot of people make this mistake. Just because you are going to have time in the morning does not mean you have to leave everything for the morning. It is better to do as much as you can the night before so that you have a relatively cleaner and mess-free morning. I personally prefer doing the dishes at night. Earlier I used to do my dishes in the morning and it was such a task I cannot express it in words. Having a clean kitchen is something I love and that is why I like doing dishes at night no matter how lazy I am.

Pro tip: put your favorite show on Netflix in front of you and you won’t even know when you are done with your dishes.

Make a Schedule

All the above mentioned tips are for the daily tasks and mess but what about the actual work? Cleaning, vacuuming, laundry, dusting, and deep cleaning is something that we certainly can’t do everyday and I honestly would never expect anyone doing it on a daily basis. I have made a schedule for myself. Instead of doing everything everyday it is better to schedule a task for a particular day.

So, one day in a week is for proper deep cleaning, two days for laundry, and three days a week for the bathroom. I do my laundry two days in a week but I avoid doing all the clothes in one go. One day is for unmentionables and all the delicate dresses I have and the other day, which is most probably a weekend, is for all the heavy duty stuff like jeans, sheets, sweaters, tshirts, pyjamas and stuff.

This way I get everything done without investing hours in a single task.

Avoid Doing Everything by Yourself

This is something that we all need to learn. I personally learnt this hard way. You can definitely do everything all by yourself but it is not really the best option. There is something called “quality of life” that needs to be saved at all cost. And people, we are earning for a better lifestyle, aren’t we? Then why do we not spend it to have an easy life? Why do we choose to do everything ourselves when we can easily hire a professional or pay someone for their help? It will cost you some money, sure, but it will save you time, efforts, and hustle which is worth way more than the money you will be paying.

Hire a professional for deep cleaning, get your jackets and coats cleaned from a laundry shop, call a professional plumber and get your pipes and sewages checked especially if you have been facing any leakage. You can easily contact an emergency plumber in Sutton Coldfield through the website. It is better to take help than to avoid issues or try doing it yourself as it will probably cause more problems.

Final Words

Working and managing a house is a task. There is no way I am going to suggest you otherwise. But once we get used to a routine, it isn’t really as difficult as we assume it to be.

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