How to Lose Weight Without Exercising?

It is tough to stick to a particular diet and an exercise plan to stay in shape. Many find it almost impossible to stick to this weight-loss mantra. 

However, there are many ways that claim to help you in losing weight, only a few really work. If you want to lose a few pounds, there are some common tips that will help you in achieving the goal 100% without lacing up your sneakers. 

Read on to learn about the effective slim-down tips without moving your body every day. They are backed with science and will help in managing unhealthy weight gain. 

Protein-Packed Meals    

Include fruits rich in protein in your diet to regulate hunger. Even a portion of the foods rich in proteins makes a difference. To make the maximum impact, you should include 20 grams of lean protein per meal such as fish, eggs, meat, or low-fat dairy.

Studies show that individuals consuming protein-rich meals eat less as compared to the ones having grain-based meals. This is because even a few bites of protein-rich food suppress your appetite, making you eat less. Having a breakfast rich in proteins makes you feel full for the entire day, and keeps you away from eating excessive calories throughout the day. 

Furthermore, proteins take a long time to digest, which keeps you away from scrounging for a snack. Proteins also influence the production of hormones that naturally make you feel full. 


Not getting sufficient sleep is becoming a reason for weight gain. People neglecting sleep often end up disrupting the appetite-regulating hormone, which leads to more hunger and cravings. Therefore, you need to get at least six hours of sleep to avoid the disruption of hormones that leads to weight gain. 

Chronic sleep deprivation and stress also increase the production of glucocorticoids that leads to several other diseases. Therefore, it is important to get adequate sleep to stay healthy, 

avoid the craving for unhealthy food and fluctuations in the hormone.

Small Portions

If you are aiming to lose weight, you need to pay attention to the portion size. Studies show that over the years, the plate size has seen an increase, to encourage people to eat more which is attributed to be the main reason behind the obese people. That is why you should eat meals in small portions to have control over the calories you’re consuming. Eating a little less every day will not make much difference but it is a good way to lose weight. 

Some people also trick their brains by eating from the small bowls and plates to think they are eating enough. And, if you have big packages, it is better to portion some out and pack the bag to know how much you are having. 

CBD Oil 

Cannabidiol contains several compounds that have many health benefits. After these compounds interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, they act as an appetite suppressant and keep the body balanced. So if you are struggling with weight loss, adding a few drops of CBD vape oil can really increase the body’s ability to burn calories.  

The endocannabinoids present in it stimulates the various functions of the body, which helps in breaking down the fat and burn more calories at the cellular level. And, make sure you read all the instructions mentioned on the CBD oil to take it as the directions on it and reap the maximum benefits.

You can also try out the best delta-8 carts  for a twist on your favorite CBD product.

Hydrate Yourself

In a day, there are many times when you are slightly thirsty but you feel you are hungry. Due to this, everyone is advised to have a glass of water before having a meal. It will not only make you eat less but also help in weight loss. You should also carry a bottle to sip the water whenever you are thirsty. 

Moreover, water is a great weight loss agent, so people who are trying to lose weight should increase their water intake at least by 50%. Research shows that drinking water also increases the calories burned in 15 minutes at least by 25%. And, also try to replace the soda, juice, and other calorie-loaded drinks with water to fasten up the weight loss.  


These are some of the best ways that can help you to lose weight without doing any physical activity. However, the initial steps should be keeping yourself hydrated, taking a small portion of food, and having enough protein in your diet to control the urge to snack. 

Adopting these healthy habits and getting good sleep can really help you in gaining long-term success in weight loss. And, eat slowly and mindfully so that your brain gets enough time to signal that you are full. To do that, you need to pay attention to eating and avoid distractions such as TV and phone. 

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